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Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Is there something weird and it don*t look good? Are you seeing things running through your head? Back in the 80*s, you would call Ghostbusters. Now, it is you who is gonna bust some ghosts! In a remastered way, at that!

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered, developed originally in 2009 by Terminal Reality and Red Fly Studio for various platforms, has been remastered or, rather, &resummoned* by Saber Interactive a decade later. Spiked with characters and likenesses of the original cast members, with its 2019 Infernal Engine incarnation all polished up and hell bent on making damage and annihilation inflicted by proton packs look even more flashy and sparky, the game satisfies even the most hard-headed Ghostbusters fans. Care to know why?

The plot

The ghostbusters game is set in 1991, two years after events from the movie sequel. Your taking up the role of a rookie ghostbuster, recruited to test the experimental technology devised to improve ghostbusters* efficiency, coincides with yet another outburst of paranormal activity in the Big Apple. This time, instigated by a strong psi energy pulse from the Gozer exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, it leads to a cavalcade of calamities you and your fellow ghostbusters are bound to stop. Malevolent machinations perpetrated by the ghastly spirits of Gozerian cult leaders, wreak havoc not only in our dimension, but also in the Ghost World. So you*d better buckle up good…and don*t give up your ghost!

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

The gameplay

Control-wise intuitive and engaging, Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered delivers. As a rookie ghostbuster, armed with a proton pack, a pair of paragoggles and a PKE Meter, you get to catch ghosts, with, and sometimes without, your partners. You may switch from Third to First Person Perspective in order to scan the haunting sites and collect data, what in turn enables you to make upgrades to your proton-blasting weaponry.

Key Features

  • Enjoy your firsthand experience as a genuine ghostbuster
  • Solve the mystery of another paranormal carnage taking place in NYC
  • Do the on-site research to improve your arsenal and ghost-terminating skills

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