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In Gas Station Simulator, you take on the challenging task of managing a gas station. Starting with a dilapidated building, you must use all of your resources to restore it to its former splendor. The game has received positive reviews from gamers and is looking for more players who are willing to take on the task of managing a gas station.


The car gas station game begins when there is much to be done. To start serving customers, all rubbish must be removed, the walls must be fixed, and the necessary equipment must be repaired. Manage your expenses wisely, because everyone likes renovating and decorating buildings, but after all, you want your business to be lucrative and up and running as soon as possible.


Continue to expand your station to serve more customers. You should not limit yourself to selling gasoline, though; there are a few more ways to make money. Run and maintain a shop, set up a car wash, construct a workshop, and help those whose cars break down in the middle of nowhere. Remember to keep track of your inventory and build a warehouse; you can't sell what you don't have in stock.

Gas Station Simulator


There's no need to do everything yourself once you have effectively improved and increased your gas station. Gas Station Simulator offers you the possibility to hire personnel and assign them to a variety of tasks. Get to know your employees to understand what they are good at or allow them to learn and level up. Stock your shelves and do not forget about gasoline. Be prepared for rush hours and the pressure of time. Customers are different, and so are their expectations. But don't worry, if you have too much on your plate, too many people waiting for your service, there is a red button that can solve your problems, but at what cost?

Mini-games and events

Throughout the game, you'll not only have to take out the trash or clean floors, but also help customers pump up gas, sell goods, wash cars, and more in the form of mini-games. If you think that's not enough to keep you busy, random events will quickly remind you not to relax, but to work hard.

Gas Station Simulator

Key Features

  • Renovate, expand and decorate your gas station to attract more and more customers
  • Hire help 〞 if you are working on a large scale, you'll need it
  • Be responsive to the needs and demands of your customers.
  • Be prepared for random and surprising events
  • Establish a car wash, workshop, store, or warehouse

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