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G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout is a third-person action shooter developed by IguanaBee and Fair Play Labs in September 2020. What is ineresting, Operation Blackout is the first G.I. Joe franchise video game since over a decade. The game uses advanced cel-shading technique which resulted in nice, three-dimensional graphics, similar to the visuals of he Borderlands series.

Story Background

Cobra relentlessly tries to dominate the world. Their newest invention, a device called the Blackout Sphere deactivated every piece of electronics all over the world which resulted in a global blackout. To make things worse, G.I. Joe's leader Duke has been capture by Cobra and transported to an unknown location. Members of the G.I. Joe team must find their leader, and put an end to malicious Cobra actions.

G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout


GI Joe Operation Blackout is a typical TPS (Third Person Shooter) video game, where the camera is placed behind the back of the controlled hero. During the gameplay, players will have an opportunity to play as many famous G.I. Joe franchise characters, including Duke, Lady Jaye, Snake Eyes, Baroness, Roadblock, and many more. The game features seventeen campaign missions with an option of co-op gameplay using split-screen, or online network. In addition to that, the game includes multiplayer PVP modes such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, or King of the Hill.

Key Features

  • A spectacular encounter of G.I. Joe and Cobra – witness the fight between two powerful organizations.
  • Fast-paces multiplayer modes -test your skills against other players during exciting online matches.
  • Engaging single-player missions – complete the campaign consisting o 17 challenging missions.
  • One of the most popular franchise – a game inspired by a series of toys, comics, and animated movies.
  • Cooperation mode – team up with your friends and complete campaign missions fighting side by side.

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