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Firewatch is a single-player indie adventure video game developed by Campo Santo and released by Panic Inc. in 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4. Travel to 1989 and start a challenging job as a Shoshone National Forest fire watch ranger. Discover an engaging plot rich in idyllic landscapes, realistic characters, and secrets hidden in the wilderness of this almost forgotten, tranquil place.


Henry is exhausted, and there is no sign that his situation is going to turn better. Desperate, he decides to leave everything he knows and work as a ranger in a new place. But how far does it take to run away from all your troubles? And will Henry finally find peace?

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Firewatch is a first-person adventure video game with elements of a walking simulator, where your task is to fulfill the duties assigned by your direct supervisor – Delilah. Explore the wilderness, examine the most significant points, and report any changes via the walkie-talkie. Your boss's voice will be your only company on this adventure. You will soon discover you are both destined to become friends by revealing the deepest secrets from your personal life.

Prepare for lots of walking, examining your surroundings, and reflecting on the past. This title is a lonely journey through the sensitive secrets of the human mind, captivating from the very first second. On your walks, you will learn many odd details about the forest, its inhabitants, and visiting tourists. Make decisions and choose dialogue options, and you will soon witness the consequences of your choices. Firewatch game is a story-driven adventure where you will learn about changes, anxiety, and the feeling of being watched. Be sure that from its idyllic lightness, this title will quickly turn into a truly unforgettable – and even thrilling – experience.

Key features:

  • Play an indie adventure game with elements of a walking simulator
  • Manage Henry's actions and start working as a forest ranger
  • Explore the area, check suspicious traits and collect clues
  • Chat on a walkie-talkie with Delilah and strengthen your relationship
  • Lose yourself in the feeling of loneliness set in absolutely gorgeous surroundings

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