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Delve into the land of Ivalice, a well-known universe of Final Fantasy series, and help princess Ashe and Vaan the orphan from Rabanastre bring peace and put an end to the tyranny of Archadian Empire 每 now with much better graphics and the resolution adjusted to the modern PCs.


The high-definition remaster

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is high-definition remaster of a Japanese-only Final Fantasy 12 International Zodiac Job System. The remastered game includes improved soundtrack and the overall technical performance. The game has also been awarded as the GOTY title and has got a few different awards for the quality of the remastered content, too.

The Zodiac

The growth system in FF12: The Zodiac Age features the Zodiac signs system. Based on the twelve astrological signs and jobs, the system lets the characters controlled by the player to take on such roles as the Black Mage, Knight, Monk and others. Roughly speaking, each Zodiac sign presents a certain job with its own License Board while what we saw in the original Final Fantasy XII was that there was just one License Board for the controlled character.

The combat and the characters

In contrast with some previous FF games, Final Fantasy XII allows us to control all the members of our party of heroes freely. There will also be some guest members who are controlled by AI.

FF XII introduces also a completely new ※gambit§ system. Thanks to that, the players can program a way the characters behave in certain situations. For example, we can set a cleric-type hero to automatically cast a healing spell on the party member whose hit points drop below 50% during a battle.


Moreover, there is also a possibility to summon a friendly monster to aid our heroes in battle. The so-called Espers can be summoned onto the battlefield when the heroes accumulate the sufficient amount of Mist 每 a mysterious, magical energy allowing casting summoning magic. Just like in Final Fantasy X, the monsters we summon during battles become active participants whom we can control, and are not just limited to some cinematic attacks.

Key features:

  • The quest for peace 每 join princess Ashe and Vaan from the Kingdom of Dalmasca in their quest for stopping the tyranny of the Archadian Empire!
  • The new Zodiac signs system greatly improves and expands the character growth system, letting the players to choose from among twelve different signs and jobs.
  • The ※gambit§ system modifies the way the combat is designed. Modify the behavior of your characters and give them algorithmic commands which they are going to follow when the right time comes.
  • No random encounters! Approach the aggro area of the enemies to engage in combat.
  • Enhanced visuals and soundtrack 每 this high definition remaster of the Japanese International Zodiac Job System improves the gaming experience by providing support for modern monitors as well as 60 FPS gameplay.
  • Two additional modes 每 New Game Plus lets you start immediately at level 90 while New Game Minus puts you at the beginning with level 1 and blocks gaining any experience point.

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