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Originally released in 1997 and now refreshed in 2013 for Steam platform,?FF VII is the seventh game of one of the most popular jRPG series ever released. Now with the much-improved soundtrack and optimized for PC!

A story of AVALANCHE

Final Fantasy 7?story follows the adventures of Cloud, a member of AVALANCHE, which is basically a rebellious movement aimed against the cruelty of the Shinra corporation. Cloud's objective is to stop the main antagonist, Sephiroth, from devouring Planet's natural healing energy and turning into a powerful demigod.


On his way, Cloud Strife encounters a bunch of various characters who join his team and accompany him in his fight against the evil. However, is it truly possible for the rest of AVALANCHE surviving members to deal with such a dangerous enemy? Can Cloud and his friends stop Sephiroth and save the world?

The gameplay

The gameplay of Final Fantasy VII is much similar to the previous FF series games. Roughly speaking, the players get three modes of gameplay: the world map, the field, and the battle phase. Most of the time is being spent by traversing the 3D world map and encountering randomly spawned enemies. After the encounter happens, the action is taken into the battle phase, and the fight begins.


The combat system is based upon ※Active Time Battle§, known from the previous installments of the FF series. Basically, characters exchange moves and attacks until the members of the one side of the battle are all dead.

Again, the players are presented with a number of transportation methods. Those include going on foot, using airships and riding popular Chocobos, which can be found scattered throughout the game world.

Key features

  • Achievements 每 Whether you*re a seasoned FINAL FANTASY VII veteran or exploring this RPG classic for the very first time, show off your in-game accomplishments and put your gaming skills to the test with 36 brand new achievements to unlock. Share your profile with friends online to find out who is the ultimate FINAL FANTASY fan.'?
  • Cloud Saves 每 If you*re away from home or simply using a different computer to play, enjoy FINAL FANTASY VII wherever you are. With cloud save support in FINAL FANTASY VII you can continue your game progress right where you left off (Requires Internet Connection. Saves can only be transferred between a maximum of 3 computers at any one time).?
  • Character Booster 每 Find yourself stuck on a difficult section or lacking the funds to buy that vital Phoenix Down? With the Character Booster you can increase your HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum, all with the simple click of a button, leaving you to enjoy your adventure.?
  • Optimized for PC 每 FINAL FANTASY VII has been updated to support the latest hardware and Windows Operating Systems.

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