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FIFA 20 is another installment in the long line of the football simulation games based on the FIFA license. The game offers improved gameplay experience on almost every level from graphics to ball control. The new installment of this legendary series features over 700 teams from more than 30 world leagues including the football titans like La Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League and many more. In FIFA 20 the player will be able to try their luck in competing from the football world*s most coveted trophies, such as UEFA Champion*s League cup.

FIFA Ultimate Team mode returns and with it the thrill of online matches using the players' favorite footballers and kits. A new addition to the series is a VOLTA mode, where the player will be able to play the street version of classic football, adjust the rules of the match and choose the number of players. FIFA 20 received highly positive reviews from critics, many of whom praised the refreshed gameplay mechanics and addition of the VOLTA mode, similar in gameplay to FIFA Street series.


The ultimate football gameplay experience

FIFA 20 provides the player with the quintessential experience of playing football on the international league level. The game offers the selection of 30 official leagues from Europe and around the world. The player will be able to choose from more than 700 teams, including local clubs and national representations, both men*s and women*s. Each of the footballers has been rendered using the Frostbite engine, so the player will have no trouble recognizing the stars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Neymar or Eden Hazard.

FIFA 20 allows the player to participate in club and national matches on 90 stadiums, such as legendary arenas Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, San Siro, and Santiago Bernabeu.??Each stadium has been recreated in the game to the smallest detail and hosts thousands of fans, reacting vividly to the events on the pitch and singing the club songs and chants.

FIFA Ultimate Team mode returns refreshed to meet the high standards that the players of FIFA series have grown to expect. In FUT the player will be able to create their own team made of the world*s best football players. In this multiplayer mode, the player will be able to make a team of stars of the present as well as the past, including such legendary players like Zinedine Zidane, and face them off against other players online. Winning matches in FUT mode rewards players with points which they can spend on player and kit packets.??

From the pitch to the streets

A new addition to the FIFA series is the VOLTA mode, inspired by the FIFA Street games.?In this mode, the player will be able to play a more relaxed version of the game, as well as one according to the futsal rules. The player will be able to play the way they like to, deciding on the number of players participating in the game: 3v3, 5v5 or 11v11.?

Street Football

VOLTA offers several modes of play, such as the League mode, allowing the player participates in a series of ranked, online street football matches, Story mode, where the player takes their custom character through scripted matches against the football legends, and VOLTA World, in which the player faces off against other players* teams and, upon winning the match, is able to select one footballer from their roster.VOLTA mode puts focus on character customization, allowing the player to create their own footballer, male or female, customize their appearance by purchasing new clothing items, hairstyles, and tattoos.

Improved player and ball control

FIFA 20 introduces several new options in controlling the player without the ball as well as ball handling.?The new installment of EA*s football series will place more emphasis on one-vs-one situations during the matches, giving the player better control of the player in the virtual pitch. The defense AI has been completely overhauled, with computer-controlled players being more pro-active in ball-retrieving efforts. The players* motion mechanics have been improved, making them more fluid and allowing better positioning of the footballer in the pitch. The goalkeeper controls have been revamped, with the player being able to send their goalie outside the penalty line to intercept incoming crosses.

Ball Control in FIFA 20

In terms of ball control, ball motion mechanics have been refreshed, creating a more realistic experience with natural bounces and spins. The new ball motion system allows for a better shot trajectory, improving the player*s chances to overcome the defense and in the end, put the ball into the net.??


Initial reception of FIFA 20 for PC was positive.?Early reviews praised the overhauled gameplay mechanics, new mobility options for the field player and the goalkeeper, as well as more realistic ball motions. The VOLTA mode was also met with positive reception, with critics noting how it allowed creating custom match rules and deciding on the configuration of players during the match.

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