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Farmer's Dynasty is a farming simulation with RPG elements developed and released by Toplitz Productions in 2019. Step into the most realistic village life experience and create your own story! Engage in farm chores, make new friends, gain reputation and enjoy the fruits of hard farming work. This title is a dream come true for those who desire peaceful life away from the city rush.

Farmer's Dynasty


When you inherit a farm from your grandfather – you know what to do. The property is in quite a poor condition and needs immediate repair. To restore it to its former glory, start a series of renovation works while learning the backstage of country life. Make the old ranch your home and save money to change it into a prosperous farm.


Farmers Dynasty is a game that will take you to rewarding everyday life in the countryside. The gameplay combines life simulation with RPG elements, so you will have a lot to do here! Travel to an inherited farm and fix it to its former glory. You will discover a variety of farming and repair gear that will help you restore the ruin and turn it into a dream farm. Grow crops, rear animals, harvest fruits and earn more and more money. Extra cash means newer equipment and faster results from your hard farming work.

But Farmer's Dynasty isn't just about work! You will meet the villagers and friends. Help them with their work, complete tasks, and earn reputation. Soon you will become an irreplaceable community member, and each successful relationship will bring valuable profits. Spend your free time in the company of your neighbors, and enjoy long hours of fishing! Perhaps you will soon meet the love of your life and have kids who will continue your successful work.

Farmer's Dynasty

Key features:

  • Play a realistic farm life simulator with RPG elements
  • Renovate an inherited farm and restore it to its former glory
  • Grow plants, raise animals, and harvest crops to earn better and better equipment
  • Complete quests and earn reputation points from the locals
  • Make unique friendships and continue your farming dynasty

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