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Farm Together is a relaxing farm simulation developed and released by Milkstone in 2018. This casual title is an excellent recommendation for players wanting a break from more challenging games. Enter the cartoon-like colorful world and build your prosperous ranch! You'll always have something to do as time flies even when you're not playing, and the seasons change every seventeen minutes.

Farm Together


Embark on your farming adventure as a beginner and discover all its fun features to become a total pro! Play as you like – create a cute little house or a thriving agriculture empire. Harvest crops, plant different vegetables, raise livestock and construct new buildings. Each action brings money for purchasing more seeds, agricultural machinery, plots, structures, or decorative accessories. And time flies really fast as the seasons change every seventeen minutes bringing new gardening opportunities.

Farm Together

You can take care of various animals, fish, or even bees. Plants grow when you're offline, so each login to the game means many creative quests. To move faster, drive a tractor, but remember to check how much fuel is in the tank. You can have more than enough after buying your own gas station! Explore the area, meet your neighbors, and be inspired by their farms to create the most beautiful place on the planet. Use a wide range of decorative accessories and personalize your property as you want. There's a ton of stuff to do in a single-player game: working, resting, cooking, or playing with a cat. But you can choose multiplayer and discover a new level of fun by visiting your friends and helping them with their ranch work. Farm Together game is an enjoyable, relaxing experience set in a charming audiovisual setting – and it's excellent for players of all ages!


Key features:

  • Play the relaxing farming simulation on Steam
  • Start as a beginner and enjoy all the new activities in an ever-changing world
  • Construct buildings, raise animals, harvest crops, and make more cash for new investments
  • Always have something to do after starting the game
  • Play solo or in multiplayer to visit your friends' farms

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