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This time it is about a dictatorship in a paradise. The place seems to be ※frozen in time§ because of the strict ruler, Anton Castillo. His aim is to bring Yara to its former glory. However, he will stop at nothing to realize his dreams.

He wants his son, Diego, to follow him on his merciless path of taking full control of the island. The atmosphere is very dense, so the revolution is inevitable. Play as Dani Rojas, a citizen of Yara and a rebel fighting for freedom. Their (the protagonist can be either male or female) ultimate goal is to liberate their home.


As it is typical of the series, new Far Cry will welcome players with bunch of new weapons and tons of customization options. Attach new mods and upgrades in a very far-cryish style you love so much 每 sights made of empty cans, guns shooting nails, disc launcher, and many more.

Don*t forget about your means of transport. Drive a car or even mount a horse (which is a novelty in the whole series) and explore the huge capital city of Esperanza, called ※Lion*s Den§ by the locals.

Far Cry 6

Beautiful as always

What is a signature feature of Ubisoft*s Far Cry is the detailed environment, well-designed character models and great animations. Simply, the graphics in Far Cry 6 won*t disappoint you. Experience the life of a metropolis like never before, with its dirty streets filled with citizens of various nature and the revolution raging all around.

You*re not alone in your fight

Far Cry 6 allows you to invite your friend to join you in your fight for Yara*s liberation. In that sense, the game is very similar to its predecessors, Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 5.

Another similar feature is the ability to hire a gun for hire 每 some rebels who just wait for you to call them for help. You are also able to get yourself a pet, here called Amigos. Chorizo the dog and Champagne the cat will gladly join you if you need them.


Key features

  • Another big hit from the Ubisoft*s stable 每 Far Cry 6 will definitely make you remember it.
  • A thrilling political conflict 每 stop Anton Castillo from seizing the exclusive and ultimate power over Yara.
  • Once again, gain access to a wide selection of weaponry 每 standard AK47, or something more fancy, like a disc launcher?
  • Choose your gender as Dani Rojas can be either male or female 每 making this choice may affect some aspects of your game.
  • Experience beautiful graphics and dive into the life of Esperanza, the capital city of Yara, bathing in rebels* blood.

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