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Empire of Sin is a mafia strategy game set in the Prohibition era. The project was developed by Romero Games studio, led by Brenda Romero. Paradox Interactive is responsible for publishing the title.


The action takes place within the 20s of the last century, in the city of Chicago. The player takes on the role of the head of a little criminal organization. Your main task will be to build a huge crime empire by developing new business, hiring more people, and last but not the least fighting with other bosses for territory. Take the role as one of the fourteen available real or inspired by famous characters, which include Al Capone, Stephanie St. Clair, and many, many more. Transform your gang into a real Empire of Sin and climb your way to the top of the ladder of this never-forgiving world.

Empire of Sin


The player starts the game with little gang dealing, for instance, with extorting money from trade unions, gambling, or illegal alcohol trade. Over time, the organization will begin to grow. The main goal will be usurping the territory of other gangs and expanding criminal activities into new businesses. Virtual Chicago is inhabited by many colorful characters. As a player, you will have a lot of freedom to interact with them, including seduction, bribery, intimidation, or, as a final resort, murder. Empire of Sin features dozens of different activities that can help you grow your empire. This includes paying bribes to the policeman, breaking alliances and making new ones, or eventually competing with other bosses for the territory.

Alcohol is the key to success

As befits a game set within the period, the assembly and sale of alcohol play a key role. Not only does this provide a chance for extra income, but it also allows you to sabotage competing businesses by selling them poisoned alcohol. Although our activity is criminal, it's also a business. The player will have to sometimes make compromises, to make sure that the empire never runs out of money.

Empire of Sin - firefight

Fight for the glory

The gameplay is not all about the economy. The management of the criminal empire is diversified by turn-based clashes, during which you take command of a team of trusted subordinates. Each of them have different personalities and specializations, so you will have to find the best combination to create a living killing machine.

Technical aspects and game modes

Although the creators didn't prepare any multiplayer modes, there are several campaigns each with different goals and challenges. Most of the time the events are seen from an isometric camera. Empire of Sin offers nice three-dimensional graphics that perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the prohibition era.

Key features

  • The most well-known mafia bosses available at your disposal 每 from Goldie Garneau to Al Capone.
  • Transform your tiny little gang into the biggest mafia empire, that this world has ever seen.
  • Develop new business, protect your gang from the law, and fight with other bosses for the territory.
  • Turn-based combats that will test your skills.
  • Various single-player campaigns with different challenges.
  • A three-dimensional world that perfectly reflects the Prohibition Era.

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