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Hell is waiting for you. Choose your favorite character class from the five available: Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, Rogue, and Necromancer, and fight evil by developing skills and gathering the necessary resources beforehand.?

Diablo 4 delivers what everyone loves most about the series. This action role-playing game of the hack and slash genre will be filled with re-playable, generated dungeons and character-building systems that we already know from previous parts of this series produced by Blizzard Entertainment.


The game, of course, begins with the choice of character class. Remember that in the later stages you will develop the hero and improve his skills, for example combat capabilities, through talents, ability points, runes, and what you can collect while wandering around the world.?You can explore it on your own or in PvP mode. The situation is a bit different in the case of dungeons, which are randomly generated, closed worlds.

City in Diablo IV


In Diablo IV, you can choose one of five character classes with whom you will experience your next adventure. You can change their appearance and don't have to match the portrait and skin color to the class. Skills, on the other hand, are developed on skill trees, which allow for individual customization. Choose well, because in your hands lies the fate of the world and the victory of good over evil. Let's get to know the character classes better:

  • The Barbarian has an ability that allows him to switch weapons during combat. You surely know this character from the previous two parts of the game.
  • The Sorceress takes care of the elements; if you're willing to use the power of fire, ice, and lightning magic during fights, pay attention to her.
  • The Druid is never what he seems. He can shapeshift as a human, werewolf, or werebear. Aditionally, you can use storm, earth, and fire magic.
  • The Rogue debuted in the first Diablo. He moves quickly, and in combat, he shows agile changes from blade to bow during fighting at a distance.
  • The Necromancer is well-known from the second and third games. His talent is using magic for summons and attacks.

Diablo 4 graphics


Let's look at the timeline. The events of Diablo IV take place 30 years after the story of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. As a player, you will begin your adventure in the Sanctuary. Legend has it that it was created by the union of an angel and a demon as a haven for beings who wanted to escape the conflict between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. The inhabitants believed that the Nephalem race, subject to neither demons nor angels, would draw attention to their secret lair and were vocal about the need to destroy this location. Lilith, fearing for her life and her children's, got rid of the opponents, for which she was banished. Now she's back, and only you can face her.

Sanctuary may soon be overtaken by chaos and darkness. The inhabitants are hiding in the corners, and evil forces are trying to take over the city. Prayers lose their power and go unanswered. The return of Lilith, called the daughter of hatred, also heralds the return of the cultists. Can you defeat all the dark creatures?

Key Features

  • The game refers to the climate of Diablo II, so longtime fans of the production will be satisfied
  • Play in five locations from Diablo*s world: Sanctuary: Scosglen, Fractured Peaks, Dry Steppes, Hawezar, and Kehjistan
  • Choose your favorite character, develop it, and reach higher levels of skills
  • The aesthetic of the game is inspired by heavy metal; get ready for huge emotions and challenging clashes
  • Test your skills in the PvP game mode while also playing with your friends

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