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Since Dark Souls appeared on consoles and personal computers, a trend for dark fantasy RPG-s with a demanding gameplay was constantly growing more and more popular. Thus, many similar games were created. Code Vein is one of them. Mixing up together anime-like graphics with a post-apocalyptic world the game shows you very quickly that it is not a walk in a park. The questions is: are you going to discover the mystery behind the destruction of the civilization?

Find out the truth about what happened to human civilization

Code Vein (PC) plot takes place in unspecified future. Mysterious thorns destroyed surface of the Earth and wiped out human civilization. The only people still alive are Revenants, vampires with powerful abilities which help them in this harsh place. Despite being forced to abandon their humanity and memories, they did not accept their fate. As one of the Revenants you will try to find the secret behind events which ultimately lead to the demise of humans.

Code Vein Find out the truth

Drain blood from your enemies

You are a vampire, so you must use vampire abilities to survive.You can drain blood from every single enemy and use it to enhance a huge variety of skills. You can increase your own strength, weaken enemies or utilize new weapon abilities. However, you cannot use it too often. Otherwise, you will lose control over your hunger and become thirsty for blood. If you forget about this, then you might turn into a mindless and aggressive creature.

Drain your enemies blood

United we stand, divided we fall

Even though you are a vampire in the harsh environment of Code Vein you are not going to survive on your own. That is why you have to choose a partner from a huge variety of characters. Each one of them is as complex as you are. They have different fighting styles and backstories that you might want to listen. As the plot progresses, more partners appear, and you are the one who decides how to build your team. Remember that both characters have to cooperate. Otherwise, you are not going to survive for long in this harsh and brutal environment.

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