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Citadel: Forged with Fire game heavily based on spells, enchanted equipment, and magical abilities. Fight great battles with the use of devastating techniques, use magical weapons and outfits, tame and ride beasts, and even take to the air!

Form houses and build castles

The more you are, the stronger you can become! Make some friends and establish a house. Houses in Citadel: Forged with Fire play the role of guilds. Build magnificent castles and strengthen them with various fortifications and structures, such as, for example, shields and mana pools. There are hundreds of types of materials for you to choose and craft from.

Citadel: Forged with Fire - fighting

Attack your enemies and raid their castles with the help of destructive spells and other techniques. Mix unique spells with the game physics to cause critical damage to your opponents* fortifications.

Unlimited customization options

Who would you like to be in this massively multiplayer online RPG? There are thousands of possibilities, so that every single magician can be totally unique. What is your style then? Are you going to play the role of a wise old sage, or rather a young but ambitious apprentice of the magical arts? As it is quite typical of the genre, the game is filled with items and equipment waiting to be discovered. Collect and craft everything you need to become the greatest wizard of all times.

Citadel: Forged with Fire - dragon

Don*t forget about your pets, though! Use your magic to tame hostile beasts. They will support you during your adventure. Train them as they will gain experience just as you will. Mount ordinary horses or some more magical beasts. Your pets can also help you in battles. Perhaps you thought about dragons? No problem 每 you get them, too!


One of the more interesting features of the game is the ability to take to the air. There is a number of ways to do so. Find yourself a magical broom, tame a beast capable of flying (some giant eagle or even a dragon), or learn alchemy and make a potion which will make you fly by yourself. See the world of Citadel: Forged with Fire from above!

Key features

  • A huge world of more than 30 square kilometers to traverse and explore.
  • MMO set in the world of magic 每 cooperate with your allies and defeat your enemies!
  • Limitless customization 每 equip wands, staffs, enchanted maces, robes, gloves, and many more. Create your style.
  • Tame astounding beasts 每 ride them and use them to help you fight your enemies.

Mix spells with the game physics to overwhelm your enemies* defenses.

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