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Children of Morta is a rogue-lite action game with RPG elements developed by Dead Mage and released by 11 bit studios in 2019. Guide members of an extraordinary family and battle a mysterious force to discover the secrets of the whole land and your heroes. This title is an excellent recommendation for enthusiasts of story-driven action games where surprising secrets and unexpected mechanics engage from the first second.

Children of Morta - The Game


The Bergson family lives on Mount Morta – the source of all life in the land. For generations, they have kept the peace, disturbed at the beginning of this story. A mysterious magical force begins to emerge from the dungeons, spreading destruction and corruption. Only the Bergson family can confront evil and find the seeds of life necessary to save the world.


Begin your story in the Bergson family home and plan an adventure to uncover the mystery of corruption. Lead two family members and unlock more as the game progresses. Each Bergson uses unique skills and a development tree that you can modify. Discover their impressive fighting styles, characters, and backgrounds to use them against hordes of enemies.

Children of Morta is a rogue-lite multiplayer title with hack and slash elements similar to games like Diablo. Your mission is to explore various dungeons to eliminate enemies and defeat the bosses. There is no collecting any equipment in the game, but gathering Morv and gems is very important. You can spend these resources on upgrades or modifications to weapons at merchants or in the family workshop. You will also find numerous artifacts or runes containing unimaginable powers. Plus, every dungeon includes fun features like mini-games.

Children of Morta - Dungeones

But Children of Morta video game is not only combat and action! The title strongly focuses on the plot and connections between family members. Each of them brings something different to the story and perfectly complements the skills of the other heroes. Unlocking heroes allows you to discover new secrets of the Bergson family, which are as engaging as the main plot. The game also features the most important values like love, honor, and friendship, and thus – sometimes, you have to sacrifice something to win. Death, however, is not possible. Instead, any failure may result in corruption of the character, sabotaging the entire mission.

Children of Morta

Key features:

  • Play a rogue-lite RPG about an extraordinary family on Steam
  • Embark on a journey and fight evil corruption
  • Explore procedurally generated dungeons and fight bosses
  • Discover the skills of each family member and lose yourself in the engaging story
  • Play solo or in online co-op for up to two players

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