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Blasphemous is a pixel art platformer game. This brutal hack'n'slash introduces us to a dark world where each skirmish will be an unforgettable challenge.

Blasphemous Gameplay

You play as The Penitent One, which is the only person to survive the terrifying massacre. As befits a good computer game that gives a lot of entertainment, we are dealing with hordes of various opponents who will stand in our way. Blasphemous doesn't forgive mistakes and doesn't let you go the easy way – you can't forget about tactics for a moment, and if you would die, you should return to the place of death to avoid punishment.

Blasphemous the game

The video game is characterized by a high level of difficulty, which will be liked by players who like challenges. However, the character development tree has been constructed in such a way that the well-thought-out development of the main character is properly rewarded and makes it easier for us to reach our goal. The atmospheric equipment of the protagonist was also taken care of, which includes things such as prayer books or rosary beads. The gameplay is also logically designed – for example, in the mountains we struggle with deep chasms, while the dungeons will be bristling with deadly traps.

Blasphemous game will be appreciated by fans of pixel art. Minimalistic, but eye-catching graphics should satisfy the sense of aesthetics. The locations are logically designed to be challenging, and the main character is very mysterious and furtive. You cannot forget about the fireworks prepared by the creators, such as spectacular, pixel-perfect animations of executions that can be activated by performing appropriate sequences of movements.

Outstanding creators

The intimate studio The Game Kitchen is responsible for Blasphemous, whose philosophy can be found on their official website. Their paths to success are certainly noteworthy – for example, a working day divided into 6 hours of productive work, plus 2 hours of personal growth, or working from home whenever needed. Of course, they also take care of their child; have released a major update called "Blasphemous: Stir of Dawn" for free download, adding tons of new items, changes, and a new storyline.

Pixel Art Game - Blasphemous

Great story

Fresh after the premiere in 2019, players in reviews appreciated the position very much. Despite very clear hack'n'slash accents, as well as a lot of emphasis on the combat system, the creators did not forget about an equally important aspect, which is the plot. Discovering all the secrets of a brutal, ruined, and the mysterious world brings a lot of satisfaction. On our path, we will encounter NPCs with their own captivating story.

Key features

  • Beautiful pixel art at its best
  • A real challenge even for experienced players
  • Atmospheric, brutal hack'n'slash in a spectacular setting
  • Incomparable playstyle to suit your preferences
  • A refined combat system with excellent animations.

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