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Batman: Arkham Collection is a bundle of the three main games in the Arkham series, featuring the character of DC*s Dark Knight: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight, as well as the Season Pass for the latter one. All three games feature open-world environments of Arkham Asylum, and later on the entire Gotham City, which the player can explore while carrying out the story missions, side-quests and finding various collectibles. Throughout the series, Batman will face many of his most notable adversaries, including Two-Face, the Penguin, Riddler, and the Joker, his greatest foe. All of the games in the Arkham series have received critical acclaim and are considered to be one of the best titles featuring Gotham*s Dark Knight.

Become the Batman

The Arkham series introduces the player to never-before-seen gameplay mechanics, which can make them feel like the true Caped Crusader. The games* combat system features fluid action, in which the player can take on multiple enemies at once, freely choosing their targets during the battle. Arkham series also features a stealth system, which allows Batman to creep in the rafters, descending upon unsuspecting enemies or hanging them from the ceiling. Batman*s classic gadgets, such as batarangs, make their appearance in the game and can be used to daze opponents during battle or distract them for a stealthy takedown.

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The games fully honor the Dark Knight*s ※Greatest Detective in the World§ title, by introducing the Detective Mode. By using a variety of gadgets, Batman can solve puzzles such as bypassing locked doors, hacking controls of unmanned vehicles, etc.

Arkham game series allows the player to exploreGotham City like never before. Batman can use his grappling hook to scale tall buildings within seconds or use his cape to glide through the air. Arkham Knight even allows the player to sit behind the wheels of the Batmobile. This multi-purpose mode of transportation lets the Dark Knight cover great distances between the boroughs of Gotham City. It also has a Combat Mode, in which the Batmobile turns into a heavily-armored tank, with various types of destructive ordnance.

The longest nights

The story of each Batman Arkham game takes place within the timeframe of a single night. In Arkham Asylum, the Dark Knight must face his arch-nemesis, the Joker. He had taken over the asylum and released all its inmates, including the members of Batman*s Rogue*s Gallery. The Dark Knight must apprehend the criminals before they can invade the city, and figure out the Joker*s plan before it*s too late.

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Arkham City takes place a year after the events of Asylum. Part of Gotham City is turned into a prison, where criminals can roam unchecked by the law. Batman is taken prisoner in Arkham City and must once again face the Joker, who plans to poison the populace of Gotham, including the Dark Knight, with his toxic blood. On the inside, he finds unlikely allies in Catwoman and Talia Al-Ghul, his former lover.

In Arkham Knight, the Dark Knight faces his greatest ordeal yet. The Scarecrow threatens Gotham City with releasing his deadly fear toxin. As the city evacuates, criminals take over the streets. Batman, alongside Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD, as well as his loyal friends Alfred, Oracle, Robin, and Nightwing, must stop Scarecrow and the mysterious Arkham Knight aiding him, from destroying the city. The task won*t be easy as Batman is facing his own demons that threaten to break the Dark Knight*s mind.


Batman: Arkham series was met with generally positive reception from the critics. The reviews noted the storytelling, atmosphere, and gameplay mechanics of the games as its main selling points. The series is said to have influenced new trends in action games genre, thanks to its free-flow combat and focus on stealth gameplay.

Key Features

  • Become the hero from the comic book pages.
  • Experience the gameplay mechanics that changed the genre of action games.
  • Face off against the Dark Knight*s Rogue*s Gallery.
  • Witness the terrors of Gotham City from land and air.
  • Play Arkham Knight*s Season Pass and enjoy new story scenarios and playable characters.

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