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Assassin*s Creed Odyssey

The famous video game series, Assassin*s Creed, has a cult status among many regular players. In October the eleventh major title, and twelve installment overall, was released 每 Assassin*s Creed Odyssey. The game was developed by Ubisoft Quebec, published by Ubisoft.

Basic Info

It is an action-packed, role-playing game played in third-person perspective. For the first time ever, Assassin*s includes RPG elements每 previous titles were simple action games. Odyssey takes place during the Peloponnesian War.

The player is impersonating a fictional character that is engaged during the War between Athens and Sparta. They can choose which side to back: Delian League of Athens or Peloponnesian League of Sparta. In general, Assassin*s Creed series follows a story of a longtime conflict between Assassins and Templars.


Story And Setting

The Premise

The plot starts in 431 BC in the ancient Greece. The player is thrown straight into the turmoil of the Peloponnesian War between city-states of Greece: Sparta and Athens.? He can become Alexios or Kassandra, who are grandchildren of famous king Leonidas I.

Both of them were expelled from the family and cursed. When the storyline starts, they are already adults, who try to make a living by fighting for whoever pays them to do so.

The Storyline

Assassin*s Creed?Odyssey starts when a chosen character decides to embark on a mission that will change his or her entire life. He or she can either follow the Delian League of Athens or the Peloponnesian League of Sparta as a mercenary.

After choosing their side and fighting, they*re on a straight way to become the ancient Greek hero.Comparing to previous titles, Odyssey is not a linear story. During the action-filled journey the player makes various decisions that can determine how the story will end.

Though they can*t control the destiny of the entire ancient world, the life of the protagonist can be subject to some changes, as well as the lives of characters who are close to him or her. The story is displayed during cut-scenes as well as in dialogues. Here another new thing has been introduced 每 the player can choose the dialogues they say.

It is also worth to mention that during their Odyssey the protagonist will meet some historic characters like Socrates, Herodotus, Hippocrates, Pericles and more. These ancient philosophers and rules were all engaged somehow in the Peloponnesian War. In addition to the ancient story, there is a narrative of modern times. The player follows the actions of Layla Hassan. This character was already introduced in the previous Assassin*s Creed title: Origins.


The game is rendered in 3D graphics in very high quality. Even water is very realistically animated, and all details are made with high precision, including the characters* clothing or accessories.



As it was mentioned, the?Assassin*s Creed Odyssey?has some strong RPG elements, which is a new thing for the series. The game can have different endings, the player is able to choose dialogue and has some side quests. They also have the possibility to engage in the love affairs between the protagonist and NPC characters. In the game there is a skills system, by earning The player can unlock new skills in the Warrior, Hunter and Assassin trees.

Warriors is connected to combat, assassin to stealth and hunter to archery. Notoriety system allows mercenaries to come after the protagonist when he kills innocents or steals from NPCs.

Hitbox combat that was firstused in Origins, is making a comeback, but in an expanded version. Now the player has four different skills to use at his disposal. They are unlocked once the bar of abilities is filled up.

Among these are rain of arrows, powerful kick that knocks enemies off etc. Additionally, there is a gear system with each piece of equipment being fully stated This provides many benefits during the combat as each piece can be upgraded. As the Peloponnesian war takes place on the sea, the naval combat is prominently featured in the game.

Receptions And Players Opinions

The game received great reviews upon release. Aggregated reviews from many sites wrote that, Creed Odyssey has very good scores

Key features:

  • Action RPG game
  • Third-person perspective game
  • Set in the ancient Greece
  • Two characters: Alexios and Kassandra to choose from
  • The skills system: warrior, assassin and hunter
  • The gear system with statistics
  • The notoriety system
  • The Hitbox combat system
  • Different endings and side missions
  • Possibility to choose dialogues

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