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Step into the enchanting world of Alphadia, a revitalized epic fantasy RPG series that merges the first two titles,'Alphadia I' and 'Alphadia II', into a single, captivating adventure.

Immerse yourself in a beautifully reimagined world, where attractive characters and their enthralling journey come tolife through updated graphics. Experience a richer narrative with the inclusion of cross events, bridging thestories of I and II. Choices made in one game influence the unfolding drama in the other. Unveil the elusive trueending of Alphadia II by conquering both titles and meeting specific conditions. Moreover, delve into a treasuretrove of rewards, including enemy catalog, and various other exciting extras.

Alphadia I & II

This product includes:

Alphadia I: Embark on a compelling journey centered around 'energi', a mystical power harnessed from life energy.After a tumultuous conflict known as the Energi War leaves humanity reeling, peace seems restored following acentury of reconstruction. However, the Schwarzschild Empire's declaration of war plunges the world into chaos oncemore. From the frontier city of Heiland, a new story of resilience and hope unfolds.

Alphadia II: Two centuries have passed since the Energi Crisis thwarted the empire'sambitions and saved the world from destruction. Yet, the world's life energy wanes, threatening its very existence.Enah, a heroic figure, establishes the Energi Guild to combat this ominous decline. Although the Guild's effortsinitially bring stability, a resurgence of energi-related ambitions looms in the shadows, signaling a new wave ofchallenges and adventures.

Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Alphadia I & II (Xbox Series X/S, Windows 10) – Xbox Live Key – ARGENTINA. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Alphadia I & II (Xbox Series X/S, Windows 10) – Xbox Live Key – ARGENTINA may change over time.

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