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World War III came and gone, and all that's left is you, some wildlife and hordes of zombies. In7 Days to Die you have to hold your own against increasingly more dangerous hordes of zombies. Howlong can you survive? It's never going to get easy.

Craft your way to life

You start off with next to nothing, the night is coming, and the only way to get some resources to keep on living isto do it with your own hands. As you play you will acquire more materials, better recipes, and all will turn out tojust barely tip the odds in your favor against the progressively more aggressive undead. Do you have the talent anddetermination to turn the odd bits and pieces into weapons and fortifications?

7 Days to Die

Vital day/night cycle

The danger you are in is directly influenced by the time of day. During the day, the rotting walkers are a slow,ungainly presence to outmaneuver easily with just a bit of caution. But nothing is quite so easy at night. Night isthe time of predators, and the zombies are faster and deadlier. And they will come after you and if they catchunprepared you will be dead before the next sunrise makes them sluggish again.Isn't this the kind of apocalypse youalways wanted?

Play solo or with others

You can experience the grim post-apocalyptic landscapes in the way you enjoy. Play alone to enjoy the luxury ofsaving your game and picking up where you left. Not that it will make the game any more forgiving on you. Or playwith a friend, or a random fellow survivor. Join forces to survive longer, or become bitter rivals. One way oranother, your wits will be tested. Can you handle the pressure?

7 Days to Die

Customizable experience

Whether in single player or online as an admin, you can make the world work according to your grand scheme andpersonal preference. Set basic aspect like the day length, enemy aggression or their ability to run. Or meddle evenmore, and make the world truly your own. Set how long it takes for a day/night cycle to complete, how much loot youget to find in the wild, and even how many zombies will spawn.You get the control over how hard7 Days to Die (PC) is going to be for you.

Maintain your health

Life in the post-apocalyptic landscape isn't easy, and it takes its toll on your health constantly. To stay strongand capable of fighting the undead hordes when they come knocking, you need to keep your Health, Stamina, Fullnessand Hydration high, or it will be a short trip to an early grave.Finding enough resources to keep them at a decentlevel will take all of your survival instincts. Are they good enough to keep you healthy?

7 Days to Die

Player progression

Become better at anything with a robust progression system improving your odds of survival if you play your cardsright. Raise your skills through using them, or with points your get at level ups. You have a selection of 22 skillsto customize your character beyond appearance. Improve your crafting speed, weapon affinities and more, and unlockpowerful perks along the way.

Key features:

7 Days to Die is a gripping post-apocalyptic first-person survival game, pitting you against zombies, hunger, andhuman fallibility. Flexible rules, robust progression and crafting make 7DtD a solid survival experience.

  • Customize your world – before each game you can decide on key aspects of gameplay. Make your game as hard or as easyas you want it
  • 7 days to get ready – every seven days a horde of ravenous undead come to taste your flesh. Is your base strongenough to let you survive the onslaught?
  • Player progression – 22 skills and even more perks help you survive the apocalypse as long as your work for it
  • Multiplayer or solo – you can play alone, or share a game with other, cooperating or competing, depending on yourpreference
  • From shambler to predator – zombies are only slow and lazy during the day. At night they become predators able tohunt you down This content was copied from https://www.g2a.com/7-days-to-die-steam-key-global-i10000004637011. It isprotected by copyright, all rights reserved. If you want to use it, you are obligated to leave the link to theoriginal source.

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